To set a course towards human resource development for the enhancement of trained, proficient and informed cadre of human beings.

The human resources play a pivotal role in the progress and to generate and utilize all kind of resources ultimately depends upon the trained and skillful resources of human beings.

The country like Pakistan needs since its inception, to have professionally comprehensive and well-structured institute to develop skilled human resources in the development sectors. The organizations and individuals that are working with or for the development of multi-faceted underprivileged communities in the country require comprehensive research based training to impart scientific information and techniques in their concerned fields.

To meet the unmet need of having a trained and well aware cadre of human being, the Institute of Human Resource Development was established in 1999 as a non profit, non governmental organization registered with Society Act XXI, 1860. The design of the institute was initiated by a group of committed and highly trained people, who pooled their expertise and established a platform to evolve human resources for the sustainable development of the country.

Vetaria pharmaceutical is a sister concern of IHRD; we are delivering in the field of livestock & poultary through research, capacity building and also practicing innovative vet vaccines as sole proprietership



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